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SCR denitrification technology of flue gas of cement kiln

n Technical principle

With SCR denitrification process of cement kiln flue gas, we provide two design routes under different working conditions.

p High temperature and high dust

p High Temperature and medium/low dust


n Technological process

The flue gas is extracted from the C1 outlet of the preheater (temperature is about 300 C). After entering the cyclone dust collector, it enters the Electrostatic precipitator (ESP-free in high dust design). Then the flue gas is fully mixed with ammonia and then enters SCR reactor. Under the action of SCR catalyst, nitrogen oxides are converted into nitrogen and water. Then the flue gas is sent to the boiler through the draft fan to recover the waste heat.

n Technical advantage

p The system has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, and the pollutants meet the requirements of ultra-low emission.

p Aiming at the characteristics of high-dust flue gas at the tail of cement kiln, a dust removal device suitable for cement kiln flue gas dust is adopted to effectively avoid blocking and wearing of downstream SCR denitrification catalyst.

p The SCR catalyst for cement kiln flue gas at medium/low temperature is hardened at the top to improve the wear resistance and service life of the catalyst.

p The temperature change of flue gas through SCR DeNOx system is small, which has little influence on the waste heat recovery system.

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