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CNBMEP Holds an Expert Seminar on Emission Stards of Pollutants of Cement Kiln Flue Gas

On October 14, CNBMEP organized an expert seminar on "Emission Stards of Pollutants of  Cement Kiln Flue Gas" in Jiangsu Province. Zhang Zhigang, general manager of CNBMEP, presided over the meeting and delivered a welcome speech.

Eight experts attending the meeting were from CNBM Group Co., Ltd. China United Cement Group Co., Ltd., Nanfang Cement Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianshan Cement Group Co., Ltd., Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinfeng Cement Group Co., Ltd. and ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Pu xiangkai, vice-general manager of CNBMEP introduced the basic situation of the company, the development status of the cement industry in Jiangsu Province, the necessity and feasibility of standard formulation, task source and preparation process, and made a detailed description of the establishment of the main technical indicators, the benchmarking with international standards and other local standards, and the expected economic and social benefits analysis. Experts attending the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the main technical indicators, fully affirmed the work of the preparation group in the early stage, complete materials and detailed data, and put forward specific suggestions on the content of the standard. It is suggested that the standard limits and implementation time should be further studied. The NOx and ammonia escape limits should be selected with full consideration of economic cost and sustainable development.

Zhang Zhigang made a concluding speech on the seminar and expressed his thanks to the experts attending the meeting and their guidance and suggestions. The standard preparation group will revise and improve the standard as soon as possible according to the experts' opinions. The meeting was conducted with high quality and efficiency. The experts attending the meeting fully discussed the contents of the standard, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, so as to make the standard more scientific and instructive, which will play a positive role in promoting the formulation of this standard.

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